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Test your hearing

Start Self Assessment

Find out now if you have a hearing loss.
Take this quick hearing self-assessment as a first step

These questions are designed to evaluate your hearing ability. Please answer each statement below by ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

  1. Do you have problems understanding people when they talk?
  2. Do you often ask people to repeat what they have said?
  3. Do you think people are mumbling more often than they used to?
  4. Do you have trouble hearing women or children?
  5. Do you have difficulty hearing in a noisy place?
  6. Do family members complain that you play the radio or TV too loudly?
  7. Do you experience ringing in your ears?
  8. Do you have difficulty following group conversations?
  9. Do you find it difficult to identify from which direction sounds are coming from?
  10. Have you been told that you speak too loudly?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to three or more questions, you may have a hearing problem. Step into any 20dB Hearing outlet. Our Audiologists are here to lend a listening ea

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